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Recovery of wrong token/coins
Updated at:335 days 14 hours ago
I Currently, our coin recovery is only applies to ERC-20 token.
If you mistakenly deposit an ERC-20 token that is not currently supported by , we will try to recover it for you by returning it to the sending address directly.
The procedures are as follows:
1. You may submit a support ticket subject “wrong coin”and specifying the following information:
Transaction id, coin symbol, date, amount
2. We may ask you to send 0.003 ETH to your ETH deposit address if no ETH balance there as we need it to work as the gas fee to transfer your deposit back. As the 0.003 ETH will be credited to your balance, it is that covers the transfer fee at last.
3. We will process the returning. It generally takes a few days to a week.
4. When it is returned, we will email you of the returned transaction id.
Please note,
1. Despite of our effort to returning it back, errors may occur and result a failure or more gas consumption. We will keep you updated in such case.
2. If the coin or token is of no value at all, for example, ERC-20 token after snapshot that has transferred its value to mainnet token and leave the ERC-20 token itself of no value, we will not return it.
II Deposit to another coin’s address at applies an address-sharing technology to reduce the possibility of sending a coin to the wrong address.
As you can see, all the ERC20 tokens are the same address. ETH address and ETC addresses are the same. If you do send ETH to an ETC address, you just need to go to ETH address and refresh the page. Deposit will be credited still.
III Sending coin to a wrong address not managed by has no control over addresses at other exchanges or wallets. If you send to an address not owned by, you have to ask the holder of the address for help.

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