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Coin Price 24h %
Back To Introduces a VIP Upgrade Event to celebrate IWD

2020-03-07 01:49:32 UTCRead:134459

To celebrate International Women’s Day, is introducing a VIP upgrade event, which will last from the 7th to the 15th of March, in order to bring even more VIP benefits to our female users.


UTC March 7th, 16:00 – March 15th, 15:59

Event 1: The VIP Levels of Female Users (with KYC verification) Will Be Upgraded by 3 Tiers
During the event, your VIP levels will be upgraded by 3 tiers as long as we verify your gender as a female, after submitting your VIP application.
Submit your VIP application at:

Event 2: The VIP Level of New Female Users Will be Upgraded by 7 Tiers
During the event, the VIP level of new female users with KYC verification will be upgraded by 7 tiers after submitting their VIP application. They can enjoy a fee discount and other benefits of VIP 7 level.
Submit your VIP application at:
* VIP 7 can enjoy a 35% discount on fees, click to see details:

Event 3: Upgraded “VIP Shuttle” VIP Sharing Campaign

During the event, VIP users (both male and female users) from other exchanges can apply for the corresponding VIP levels with an extra 1 level upgrade on, after submitting the below VIP application. After our verification, all the qualified VIP users will be upgraded.

For example, Alice holds the equivalent level of a VIP4 user on another exchange. This exchange requires users to have a 30-day trading volume of no less than 100 BTC to acquire VIP4 status.
1. If Alice does not hold any GT, based on her 30-day trading volume, Alice can apply to become a VIP4 on However, during the upgraded campaign, Alice can apply to become a VIP5, which is one level higher than the original VIP Sharing scheme.
2. If Alice holds 2,500 GT, she has met the GT holding requirement of VIP 5. Alice can thus apply to become a VIP 5 user on However, during the upgraded campaign, Alice can apply to become a VIP 6, which is one level higher than the original VIP Sharing scheme.

Ticket submission requirements:
1. The VIP level screenshot should include user UID or user name and period of validity, etc.
2. The user UID or user name, VIP level, and other information related should be consistent with the application.

Submit your VIP application at: (For the male users, please leave blessings to the female users. We will select the sweetest wishes and publish them. Users’ information will be blurred.)

1. Please note that the VIP level will be in effect within three days after the event.
2. Every UID can only participate in one of the above-mentioned events. The UID with the highest VIP will be upgraded if a user takes part in more than one of the events.
3. Only female users with KYC verification can participate in events 1 and 2.
4. Event 3 only spans from March 7th to March 15th. After March 15th, users can also participate in “VIP Shuttle” VIP Sharing Campaign through this link:

Please see the latest VIP Tiered Fee Structure Schemes below:

* Please note that the price of POINTs over the counter is unstable, the above discount calculation is for reference only (with 70% off), while the actual discount rate might be different based on the price of POINT purchase.

* reserves the final right of interpretation for this event.

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March 7th, 2019

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