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Gate.io Finding YOU in 10 Million - Win BTC + NFT + VIP Level + More Prizes!

2021-12-06 07:54:21 UTCRead:59166

Gate.io platform users are continuing to grow rapidly. One of the indicators in measuring first-class exchanges is the number of its users, that is why we are looking forward to reaching 10 Million users on the platform. Due to that, we will hold an event to directly send 1 BTC total prizes to our platform users. During the event, new and old users who complete a series of tasks such as registration and inviting new users to use the platform have the opportunity to win and share up to 1 BTC rewards.

In case you missed participating in this event and we already reached 10 Million users, you will have another chance to participate in our transaction-themed event where we’ll again send another 1 BTC worth of prizes for trading in the exchange. Please stay tuned for further details!

Activity time: December 6th, 2021- January 3rd, 2022 16PM(UTC)

The exclusive countdown page for the 10 Million Event

Activity I: Reach 10,000,000 User and Get Rewarded

Benefit 1: Invite new users to share in a 1 BTC reward

During the event, the base prize pool will start at 0.3 BTC. As the number of old users inviting new users increases, the entire prize pool will dynamically grow starting from 0.3 BTC, up to 1 BTC. In the end, we will rank the old users and divide the rewards according to the number of new users that the old users have successfully invited. The specific distribution is as follows:

Benefit 2: Invite friends to register on Gate.io and share a rebate rewards up to 40%!

-The inviting person (old user) can also get a one-year 40% commission rebate for the "invited person".

Activity II: Super Koi, Double Lucky Rewards Event

During the event, if the number of newly registered users reaches 50,000 or more in a single day, Gate.io will start a super prize draw, where a number of Super Koi will be randomly selected every day.
The rewards are as follows:

- Everyday once the new number of registered users has reached 50,000, 2 users will be randomly selected to receive the latest PlayStation 5 (Estimated value: 500 USDT).

- In addition, everyday once the new number of registered users has reached 100,000, 2 users will be randomly selected to receive the iPhone13 pro (Estimated value: 1200 USDT).

- In addition, everyday once the new number of registered users has reached 150,000, 2 users will be randomly selected to receive the 2021 MacBook Pro (M1 Pro chip) (Estimated value: 1800 USDT).

*New users who registered during the event and old users who participated in inviting new users can join in the lottery!

Exclusive Reward for Newbies

During the event, all new users with valid registration can get Gate Points worth $50.

Activity III: Gate.io Charm - 10,000,000th User

The 10,000,000th user will be recognized as the Gate.io Charm and receive prized as below:

1. 1000 USDT

2. An exclusive OpenPunks NFT with the SSR rarity

3. VIP 10 setting on his or her account for a full year.

* This user must complete the KYC process, the SMS verification and spot trading worth of 100 USDT or more within the 14 days period

Terms and Conditions

1. Only users who completed the KYC process will be recognized as valid invitees or inviters for this event.

2. A valid invitee is a newly registered user on Gate.io during this event.

3. The 10,000,000th must be a valid user and complete all required steps. Once malicious registration is found, all exclusive rewards certificates will be canceled;

4. Rewards will be distributed to the winners’ accounts within 14 working days after the end of the event and can be viewed at“My Wallets”–“ My Billing Details” .

5. The points distributed must be used within the 30 days period.

6. In order to safeguard every user’s rights and guarantee fairness, the platform will manually cancel entries for malicious acts conducted during the period. This includes malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, etc.

7. Gate.io reserves all rights to the final explanation.

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Gate.io Team

Dec 6, 2021

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