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    Coin Price 24h %

    Latest announcement Bi-Weekly Report Votes Finances Activity Live stream Trading Contests will Suspend Deposits and Withdrawals for Tokens on Terra  Network during Terra 2.0 Migration

    According to the Terra team, Terra 2.0 migration will be launched around May 26-27 UTC. will suspend deposits and withdrawals for tokens on Terra network (e.g ANC) during the migration process. The deposits and withdrawals will be resumed as soon as possible after the migration event. Learn...

    Tags: ANC Read: 6437 Create Time: 27 min ago Daily Shark Fin Hit The Price Range: The Final Annualized Yield is Up To 12.20%! launched "Daily Shark Fin_USDT_20220519" and "Daily Shark Fin_BTC_20220519" at 4:00 AM on May 18th UTC on the structured products page. During the observation period, the BTC price always stayed within the per-specified price range [$27,000 - $31,000] and hit the high-yield range. Users who...

    Tags: BTC,USDT Read: 3013 Create Time: 1 hours 15 min ago

    June Market Maker Competition Cancelled

    In order to celebrate's 9th anniversary, we are cancelling the planned June Market Maker Competition and will award the cash prizes for the May Market Maker Competition in June. The remaining three prizes will be awarded based on the cumulative scores and performance of all participants from...

    Tags: Read: 2840 Create Time: 2 hours 3 min ago

    ​Share $20,000 with's First Futures Academy "Learn and Earn" “Futures Academy” is a learning platform, covering futures product principles, basic tutorials, K-line analysis and advanced and high level courses (updated continuously). To provide better learning experiences for our users, we are now launching the first Futures "Learn and Earn" activi...

    Tags: Read: 6040 Create Time: 4 hours 14 min ago Has Launched & Added An Extra Time-Limited Reward of 2,058 WHALE to the Liquidity Mining Pool For (WHALE) WHALE (Normal Trading Mode), with the Current Yield of Up to 112.87%

    Liquidity mining pools (in Normal Trading Mode) for WHALE/USDT trading pair is officially enabled on We also added an extra time-limited bonus of 2,058 WHALE to it at 12:00 o’clock today. Under the Normal Trading Mode, users who join the WHALE liquidity mining pool can earn double the...

    Tags: Read: 6001 Create Time: 4 hours 42 min ago Startup:XREATORS (ORT) Initial Sale Result & Listing Schedule

    1 XREATORS (ORT)Token Sale Result The Startup XREATORS (ORT)sale result is as follows: ORT Startup Sale Amount: 100,000 ORT Total value of orders (in USDT): 56,083,580 USDT Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 55,563,120 USDT Number of orders:17,800 Number of Qualifie...

    Tags: ORT Read: 1819 Create Time: 5 hours 9 min ago will list XREATORS (ORT) is going to commence XREATORS (ORT) trading at 07:00 AM (UTC) on May 26th, 2022. About XREATORS (ORT): XREATORS presents an NFT marketplace where you can meet creators in a special way using NFT(Non-Fungible Token) blockchain technology. We created XREATORS to solve the problems that con...

    Tags: ORT Read: 1972 Create Time: 5 hours 42 min ago Supports Upcoming Harmony (ONE) Upgrade

    According to the Harmony team, a hardfork upgrade is going to take place at 999 (block 27066368), around Fri, 27 May 2022 18:15:02 UTC. supports this upgrade for users. If your ONE tokens are on, you don’t have to do anything in particular. will suspend ONE deposits and...

    Tags: ONE, harmony Read: 4524 Create Time: 5 hours 59 min ago Startup Free Distribution: Joystick Token (JOY) and Announcement of Free Distribution Rules (1,500,000 JOY free of charge) - A DAO-based Metaverse consists of NFTs, P2E, and GameFi elements

    About Startup Program In order to reward platform users, launched the "Startup Project Free Airdrop Program", and free airdrops for blockchain excellent projects are launched in the Startup area from time to time. VIP and GT users can get a variety of tokens and airdrop benefits....

    Tags: JOY Read: 5773 Create Time: 6 hours 0 min ago the 27th batch of Cloud Mining Products Will Launch, Static ARR up to 247% will launch the 27th batch of Cloud Mining Products. Static ARR up to 247%. You can mine cryptocurrencies without buying miners and now you can buy the cloud mining on our app. Start at: 9:00:00 on May 26, 2022 (UTC) More details: Cloud Mining Cloud Mining is a far-end minin...

    Tags: Read: 5603 Create Time: 7 hours 49 min ago

    Daily SharkFin Special Product Launched: Get An Annualized Yield of Up To 25%! will launch a Daily BTC & USDT SharkFin SPECIAL Product with an annualized yield of 3%~25%. It will be available for subscription starting from 4:00 on May 26th to 10:00 on May 28th UTC. The total position reaches 300 BTC and 8,000,000 USDT, the lock-up period is 7 days, and the price ra...

    Tags: BTC,USDT Read: 2217 Create Time: 7 hours 57 min ago

    Participate in the simulation transaction to carve up the $1000 bonus pool

    The Competition of Futures Testnet trading is live! Come and practice your trading skills on our Testnet with 0 risk. During the event, every users can win contract bonus pool of $1000. Activity time: 13:00, May 27, 2022-13:00, June 3, 2022. Activity form:

    Tags: Read: 2556 Create Time: 8 hours 11 min ago HODL & Earn: Lock BRT To Earn 150% APR(Phase 1)

    The BRT Lock-up & Earn #1 will launch at 8:00 UTC on May 29 at 's“HODL& Earn”, with an estimated reward of 150% P.A. The HODL Link: Join HODL & Earn Telegram group: Rules of BRT Lock-up & Earn...

    Tags: Read: 2070 Create Time: 8 hours 14 min ago Posts Thursday Bingo: Draw a Line and Win Rewards!

    We are launching a special Thursday Bingo game to bring more unique experiences and great rewards to all users. Event Period: May 26th, 2022— May 29th, 2022 (Lasts 3 days) Event Hashtags: #ThursdayBingo# Event Rules: During the activity, Customer Service accounts, Marvel-N-Won...

    Tags: Read: 3826 Create Time: 8 hours 23 min ago Will Support the Terra 2.0 LUNA Migration and  Airdrop

    According to the Terra announcements, the governance proposal 1623 passed and a new chain will be created and assume the Terra name, the original chain will be rebranded as Terra Classic. Luna (LUNA) on the new chain will be airdrop to existing LUNA and UST holders. will support this tic...

    Tags: LUNA, LUNC, UST, USTC Read: 166043 Create Time: 8 hours 39 min ago

    Regarding ETFs (UNI5L,NEAR3L,FTM3L,BTM3L,BCH5L) Reverse Split

    The crypto leveraged ETF markets are traded 24/7, typically with great fluctuations. Some leveraged ETFs are currently traded on with too small share value, which negatively impact the price precision and trading simplicity. To improve users’ experience in trading ETFs, will conduc...

    Tags: ETF Read: 2562 Create Time: 9 hours 16 min ago Daily HODL & Earn USDG No.410, up to 11% APR Daily HODL & Earn USDG #410 will launch at 4:00 UTC on May 28 at 's“HODL& Earn”. We are planning to lock 1,000,000 USDG in total for a period of 7 days, with an estimated reward of 6-11% P.A The HODL Link: Join HODL & Earn Tel...

    Tags: Read: 3012 Create Time: 9 hours 50 min ago

    Join The 9th Anniversary Party Live Stream. Ask questions to win rewards!

    For 9 years, has been a companion to blockchain and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. During this time, has also become a trustworthy trading platform. All these achievements would not be possible if not for the support of our users. Your presence has been a huge motivation for us to mov...

    Tags: Read: 11603 Create Time: 1 days 0 hours ago Is All Set To Go Live With WOM GAME NFT(Stage 2)

    At 10:00(UTC) 25th May 2022 , the second phase of the WOM GAME NFT will go live on platform, and the publisher also prepared a lucky prize event for everyone.There will be a total of 600 NFT to be listed and The starting price of 45 USDT. These NFT are very limited and hence, they will b...

    Tags: Read: 10382 Create Time: 1 days 1 hours ago Daily Shark Fin Hit The Price Range: The Final Annualized Yield is Up To 6.88%! launched "Daily Shark Fin_USDT_20220518" and "Daily Shark Fin_BTC_20220518" at 4:00 AM on May 17th UTC on the structured products page. During the observation period, the BTC price always stayed within the per-specified price range [$29,000 - $33,000] and hit the high-yield range. Users who...

    Tags: Read: 4447 Create Time: 1 days 2 hours ago APP APP 2.0 APP 2.0
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